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syslog-ng Error setting capabilities

After a recent host update one of my VPS’s, a Debian 6 “Squeeze” container in OpenVZ, started spitting out errors from the logrotate cron like this:

/etc/cron.daily/logrotate: syslog-ng: Error setting capabilities, capability management disabled; error=’Operation not permitted’

The solution I found was…

  1. Edit the default syslog-ng file with vi /etc/default/syslog-ng
  2. Uncomment the line #SYSLOGNG_OPTS=”–no-caps”
  3. And then restart the daemon /etc/init.d/syslog-ng restart

No more errors 🙂


OpenBeacon Transmitter Kit

Adding to my list of “want to build’ items, I saw this one tonight.

OpenBeacon is an open source crystal-controlled QRPp beacon transmitter kit which can output a variety of slow-speed modes, including QRSS, DFCW, and Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber.

More reading at the suppliers web site.

Factory Reset Brother HL 2170W

Just because it came in handy for me, here’s how to factory reset a Brother HL-2170W.

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Turn the printer on while holding the GO button down.
  3. All lights should be off, now push the GO button 7 times, it will flash each time.
  4. Wait for a minute. The printer will start it’s reboot sequence.

We are in temporary accommodation and the printer was still setup on our old network and I couldn’t get into it, problem now solved.

After the reset I found the printer by looking in our router’s DHCP Lease table and set a static IP address for it’s MAC address, but that’s all easy once it’s on the network 🙂