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OpenBeacon Transmitter Kit

Adding to my list of “want to build’ items, I saw this one tonight.

OpenBeacon is an open source crystal-controlled QRPp beacon transmitter kit which can output a variety of slow-speed modes, including QRSS, DFCW, and Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber.

More reading at the suppliers web site.

WebSDR Slovenia

I was playing around with this WebSDR in Slovenia tonight, well it was around lunch time over there 🙂

The first station I picked up on 40m was a CW beacon “IZ3DVW/B” from Italy, I “googled” the beacon callsign and found out it’s running 100mw into an inverted V dipole.

I’m not completely familiar with the geography so I used an online grid square converter to work out the distance between the SDR and beacon.

Based on grid square to grid square it was 268km, not a bad distance for daytime on 40m from a low powered beacon 🙂

Thanks to the guys in Slovenia for running the WebSDR, it works pretty well and I can’t wait to test it during something like CQ WW!

30m QRSS Transmitter Kit

I was just reading about this exciting QRSS Transmitter Kit by Hans Summers:

This 30m QRSS Transmitter Kit was produced by Steve G0XAR and Hans G0UPL.

The kit contains a keyer chip programmed with the buyer’s callsign, all components, and a 2.5 x 2-inch PCB to build my QRSS transmitter project

More reading at Hans website, however at 15 USD it looks like another kit I can add to my wish list!