Where I Started

I started taking photos when I was about 10 and have enjoyed it ever since.

My first camera was back when I was about 10 years oldor, it was an old Brownie Cresta 3. PIC1PIC2 So much fun to use for a little kid learning about photography, I took heaps of photos around home.

The only problem was that out in the country where we lived there was only 1 place that developed the film because it was non standard size. Eventually nobody developed the film any more so I had to get another camera 🙂

My next camera was a Konica POP 35mm camera, fairly basic but once again lots of fun to use and I had many happy hours. PIC1PIC2

My third camera was a Pentax A3. When I was about 17 dad gave me this one to use and I took about 300 photos in my first year, everyone started to know me as the “offical” photographer at events and functions we went to :0 PIC1PIC2

In 1998 I decided to venture into the world of digital photography, my first digital camera was some no name thing I have banished to distant memory. It took photos at a huge 360×480 / .3 of a megapixel.

Here’s a small sample, just marvelous… was so happy to get rid of it!

My second digital camera was a Konica KD200Z which was a pretty good bit of gear. PIC1PIC2. A good friend of mine sent it over from the USA, I saved a bit of money doing that because the asking price here at the time was nearly $1000. I snapped 7700 pics in the 2 and a half years I was using it regularly so am happy to have gotten some good use from it.

My third and current digital camera is a Canon EOS300D. Extras I’ve purchased for it so far are a 90-300mm lense and a polarising filter. It’s a far cry from where I started so many years ago and I have had lots of enjoyable times taking photos all over the place with it.

I’m not sure what my next camera is going to be and even less sure when I’m going to be able to get it 🙂

As you probably realise I love taking photos, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow. I love the buzz and thrill that I get from taking a great shot and also the enjoyment that it can bring to others.