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WebSDR Slovenia

I was playing around with this WebSDR in Slovenia tonight, well it was around lunch time over there 🙂

The first station I picked up on 40m was a CW beacon “IZ3DVW/B” from Italy, I “googled” the beacon callsign and found out it’s running 100mw into an inverted V dipole.

I’m not completely familiar with the geography so I used an online grid square converter to work out the distance between the SDR and beacon.

Based on grid square to grid square it was 268km, not a bad distance for daytime on 40m from a low powered beacon 🙂

Thanks to the guys in Slovenia for running the WebSDR, it works pretty well and I can’t wait to test it during something like CQ WW!

Very Simple All Mode Receiver

Here’s an awesome really basic receiver you can homebrew with bits from your junk box.

The very simple receiver for the whole shortwave band.
Regenerative control, tuning, band selection, it has everything.
Even a fine tuning by moving your hand towards the coil!

Read more at the authors website.

As noted by Charley VK2ZYZ:

This rig will never be you main rig, it is just a novelty but it is a blast, if you have a junk box and an hour to kill give it a go, build one with the grandkids

Something for a rainy day in the shack.

30m QRSS Transmitter Kit

I was just reading about this exciting QRSS Transmitter Kit by Hans Summers:

This 30m QRSS Transmitter Kit was produced by Steve G0XAR and Hans G0UPL.

The kit contains a keyer chip programmed with the buyer’s callsign, all components, and a 2.5 x 2-inch PCB to build my QRSS transmitter project

More reading at Hans website, however at 15 USD it looks like another kit I can add to my wish list!